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    Many people question “Why do you need to Buy Rap Beats? You are able to get instrumentals anywhere online”. This query can be simply replied with another question: Are you serious about your music?
    You will not be able to record a hit song
    Let’s assume you got a beat from our website http://www.valentinebeats.com and record a sick track which turns into a hit song in your location. In this situation you want to share your song on platforms like Apple Music, Soundcloud or other places to make additional cash and offer it to customers internationally.
    However, you’ve downloaded the beat long ago and need to refresh your memory where you got it from. Somehow you find the spot you downloaded it from but recognize that the instrumental is no longer available, it has been sold. What’s the deal now? You lost. There is absolutely nothing you can do about it because the beat has been sold and is not available anymore. It means that you just have to forget about your song which could have been a hit. Just because you didn’t want to spend a few bucks and pay for a lease or any other rights to the beat when you listened to it. If you do start selling the track on iTunes or anywhere without a lease or any license, you will most likely face criminal punishment, you do not want that – do you? You might have your computer full of Free Rap Beats, Type Beats or even Beats With Hooks and the same affair can happen again and again.

    Pay only $20 and generate more than $2000 profit
    Most of the beat producers online sell leasing rights to their Best Beats for about $20 – 40 USD, is it that much? Let’s figure out why. Most of these producers have successfully been doing business with major artists around the globe and you can Buy Rap Beats from them. You don’t need to fear that your vocals will not sound great on these instrumentals because of their production. Just grab your mic and make a hit song out of it.
    Let’s say you buy a lease to one beat on http://www.valentinebeats.com and pay $20 for it. You can sell up to 2500 copies of your song with our basic leases. And the coolest thing is you can keep all the money because it’s 100% royalty-free! Usually, one track costs a dollar so you just have to sell 20 copies of the song to get the money back. Sell it to your friends and family and that’s it. Is it getting a bit clearer now? What does this tell you? You can make a lot of money by simply advertising your music and see many sales really quickly. It is also not important how famous you are or how many songs you release if you have one really dope and outstanding song. People will love and buy it. You just need to invest $20 in yourself to get great exposure and make profit.
    Invest and Buy Rap Beats or Beats With Hooks with high quality that you know you will use and focus on making those songs great. Don’t rush things and continue on to new stuff if you are not happy with the result like most of the artists these days do. They just drop as many songs as possible even though the songs aren’t great. This is the right way! Always keep in mind: You will make a better first impression with only one great song than with 20 average songs!
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